I am able to come to your yard or venue to ride or help you train your horse. Some clients use this service for an occasional 'tune up' while others, especially those with younger horses, have me on a regular basis to ensure the correct progression of their horse's training. I am eager to involve the owners with what I am doing while I ride as they have to continue the training after I leave and often talk them through what I am doing and why. Many sessions like this end with the owner finishing off the ride so they can put into practice what they have been watching.

I am happy to help clients with lunging, long reining and breaking young horse, again, involving the client as much as possible if they wish.

If you are not able to be present I am happy to catch, groom and ride your horse and put back in the paddock afterwards.


Schooling/training lasts up to an hour and for this I charge £35.


Competition Riding

I am happy to ride at competitions especially on horses that I regularly ride. I have competed proffesionally for over 10 years and have a very high success rate.

I am currently a group 3 British Dressage rider so am able to compete from Prelim to FEI.

I am currently registered with British Eventing and the FEI and am allowed to ride from BE80 to advanced level. Over the last few years over 50% of my events have finish with points or placings.

I have in recent seasons jumped successfully to Foxhunter level.

On a competition day I would normally either meet a client at their yard or at the competition venue.